About Welkin Insurance Group

Working with Welkin means being your own CEO.


With Welkin Insurance Group, you will earn commission starting at 70% from our carrier partners for each sale, but you can eventually earn up to 120%. You will also receive commissions for policy renewals and have the potential to earn bonuses based on performance. Additionally, our addition of the Debt Free program has changed the way our reps are earning. This program allows reps to make a simple referral and earn 50% of the commissionable AP. We have reps earning thousands in commission for a simple referral. Contact us to find out more!

Income Example

Debt Free Referrals:

Receive 1/2 of the Commission with none of the work!
Ave AP = $12,000 ($1,000 per month)
No having to buy LEADS! 80% of America is a potential referral
Average Commission split = $1,000 – $2,500
Fully Bonus-able, Big Rewards
Not dependent on the Economy unlike other areas in the Life Insurance Space

Using Industry Averages

Full-time Agent = 12 leads per week
5 apps per week = $5,109.60 APV
$5,109.60 APV – 75 Issue Rate = $3,832.20
$3,832.20 – 90% Commission Rate = $3,448.98
$3,448.98 – 75% Advance Rate = $2,586.74
$2,586.74 – $564 Lead Cost = $2,022.74 per week

What is the Debt Elimination Program

Quite simply put, the Debt Elimination Program is a way of re-directing the way a clients’ debts are paid utilizing a Specially Designed Insurance Contract (SDIC) account set up by our Debt Elimination Specialist team.

This is a system and process that has been widely used by the wealthy for decades and has been kept quiet to Middle-Income America.

This is not some “program”, “coaching session”, other gimmicks for a client to purchase and then have to go off on their own to figure out. The Debt Elimination Team works hand in had with every client for as long as it takes. This is a High Cash Value Whole Life policy that uses the power of Compounding Interest to accumulate the cash value.

The bottom line is that clients can typically expect to be completely out of debt, mortgage included, with plenty of money left over for retirement. Without spending anymore than they already spending currently.

Who Is Our Client

Today more than ever, Americans are swimming in debt. With the increasing costs of food, gas, electricity, and every other product has really made many Americans unsure what the future brings. The stock market is losing traction every week. What is the solution? Get out of debt!

Our clients are anyone who simply wants to get out of debt fast than what the banks and lenders would like. This program is for those who are making their payments and have a little extra to put away. Literally over 80 percent of America falls into this category. You will never have a shortage of prospects.

This program is not for the truly broke who cannot make their monthly payments. Additionally, because of the power of compounding interest, this program is not for the much older client who does not have time on their side to allow for their money to accumulate.

The average closing rate of our Debt Elimination Team is over 77%. With all agents being 100% virtual, this is a national platform. The number of clients are limitless. Debt is never going to go away!

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