About Welkin Insurance Group

Working with Welkin means being your own CEO.


With Welkin Insurance Group, you will earn commission starting at 70% from our carrier partners for each sale, but you can eventually earn up to 120%. You will also receive commissions for policy renewals and have the potential to earn bonuses based on performance.

Income Example

Using Industry Averages

Full-time Agent = 12 leads per week
5 apps per week = $5,109.60 APV
$5,109.60 APV – 75 Issue Rate = $3,832.20
$3,832.20 – 90% Commission Rate = $3,448.98
$3,448.98 – 75% Advance Rate = $2,586.74
$2,586.74 – $564 Lead Cost = $2,022.74 per week

Exclusive Leads

Welkin Insurance Group generates high-quality, qualified leads that are only available to our agents. These leads have proven interest in life insurance products including mortgage protection and final expense coverage. We also train our agents to create their own qualified leads to supplement their business.

Training Program

Every agent needs continuing education to ensure they stay on top of their game. Welkin Insurance Group gives our agents the training and tools needed to build their business. The training center includes videos, recorded conference calls, online courses, podcasts, written guides and more to help you become a more effective agent, no matter your unique situation.

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