Debt Elimination Referral Program

  • Agents receive 1/2 the Commission with NONE of the WORK!
  • Huge Commissions – Average AP = $12,000 ($1,000 per month)
  • No Quotas, Micro-Management only requirements are being licensed and have current E&O Insurance
  • NO Leads to purchase and zero traveling
  • 80% of adult America is your lead source and are potential clients
  • If the Primary is uninsurable, other options are available.
  • Easy to build an agency with Debt Elimination as the Focal Point
  • Program is not dependent on the Economy like other products
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Some of our Carrier Partners:

What We Offer

Mission Statement

To advocate for our agents by providing the tools and environment they need to build a successful career.

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Our Partnerships & Portfolio

Welkin Insurance Group has partnerships with more than 30 carriers so our agents can offer dozens of products, including:

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection plans are designed to pay off a client’s mortgage at the end of life. This simplified insurance protects clients’ greatest assets for their loved ones – their home – and can be customized to fit any need or budget.

Living Benefits

When a client is diagnosed with critical illness, living benefits provide a lump sum to offset the financial burden of such a diagnosis. This payout can cover the cost of medical treatments, mortgage payments, time off work, and financial gaps of medical insurance. Coverage is dependent on a client’s health, medical history, age, and job.

Final Expense

This end of life coverage helps remove or offset the financial burden associated with death. With final expense coverage, clients can protect their loved ones from financial stress that comes with the emotional pain of losing a family member. Our agents can help anyone with final expense coverage, no matter their current health status.

Retirement Planning

As the stock market has become more volatile, high cash value whole life insurance policies and annuities have emerged as a popular alternative for retirement saving. Annuities accumulate funds through lump-sum or monthly payments to an insurance company over time with less risk than other investment options.

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